Gnumeric 1.12.10 aka "TBD" is now available

The Gnumeric Team is pleased to announce the availability of Gnumeric version 1.12.10.

Noteworthy news in this release:

  • Accuracy improvements
  • Work around gtk+ abi breaks
  • Win32 improvements

Details of changes:

  • Andreas
    • Fix handling of dashes on ODF import. [Bug 719509].
    • Suppress some warnings in xlsx import. [Bug 719680].
  • Jean
    • Accept 3D values for vector data. [Bug 722294].
    • Improve performance of ant-int cursor. [Bug 381011].
    • Fix filled sheet objects properties box on cancelling. [Bug 723745].
  • Mario Rugiero
  • Morten
    • Extend POCHHAMMER to negative values.
    • Improve accuracy of BETA and BETALN.
    • Improve accuracy of BESSELJ and BESSELY.
    • Avoid some overflows in IMGAMMA.
    • Fix tabulation truncation issue.
    • Fix ABR. [Bug 720353].
    • Fix fuzzed file crashes. [Bug 720425] [Bug 720426] [Bug 720358] [Bug 719349] [Bug 715002].
    • Resurrect list of functions on the new Gnumeric wiki.
    • Resurrect support for non-ascii filenames on win32. [Bug 557815].
    • Fix timeout related critical in ItemGrid.
    • Fix win32 print crash. [Bug 719997].
    • Fix solver problem with constraints.
    • Improve accuracy of R.PNORM and R.PLNORM for large arguments.
    • Improve accuracy of R.QCAUCHY.
    • Improve accuracy of R.DHYPER, R.DBINOM, R.DNBINOM, R.DPOIS, RAYLEIGH.
    • Minor theming improvement. [Bug 722074].
    • Save some vertical space between toolbars.
    • Fix array/merge interaction problem. [Bug 723600].
    • Fix problems with large, circular farms of VLOOKUP etc. [Bug 723894].

goffice 0.10.10 aka "TBD" is now available.

The Gnumeric Team is pleased to announce the availability of goffice version 0.10.10.

Noteworthy news in this release:

  • Jean
    • Fix graph guru appearance when used with gtk+-3.10. [Bug 719681].
    • Fix crasher in box plots. [Bug 720310].
    • Fix elements number in polar plot series. [Bug 720355].
    • Always save an axis position. [Bug 722402]
  • Morten
    • Improve complex math, notably complex power.
    • Add quad precision log and hypot functions.
    • Add quad precision atan2, sin, sinpi, asin, cos, cospi, acos functions.
    • Add go_sinpi, go_cospi, go_tanpi, go_atan2pi.
    • Improve "General" format.
    • Improve Undo/Redo toolbar items.
    • Improve Color selector toolbar items.
    • Improve Pixmap selector toolbar items.