Gnumeric 1.12.19 aka "TBD" is now available.

The Gnumeric Team is pleased to announce the availability of Gnumeric version 1.12.19. This release covers accumulated bug fixes and a late sprint improving xlsx graphs import and export.

Details of changes by contributor:

  • Andreas
    • Add latex fragment exporter of visible rows only. [Bug 739512].
  • Jean
    • Fix ants problems.
  • Morten
    • Plug leaks.
    • Pay more attention to union access rules.
    • Attempt a fix for clipboard crash. [Redhat Bug 1160975].
    • Truncate long strings for display in stf import.
    • Fix crash on closing a graph sheet.
    • Fix undo crash with conditional formatting and insert row. [Bug 741197].
    • Fix xlsx export of HYPGEOMDIST.
    • Fix xlsx export of document properties.
    • Fix multihead issue with graph windows.
    • Improve test suite.
    • Reorganize icon handling.
    • Allow removing a specific item from the history. [Bug 735305].
    • Fix GNM_HALIGN_DISTRIBUTED rendering. [Bug 726155].
    • Restore translations of function help texts.
    • Fix import of extended float formula results from wk4 files.
    • Fix ADDRESS problem.
    • Fix sheet-filter problem with errors. [Bug 742601].
    • Improve error handling for .gnumeric a bit.
    • Improve xlsx graph import: line colour; marker size; marker color; no lines; bounding box; trend lines; regression equations; axis label.
    • Improve xlsx graph export: line style; bar/col direction; marker shape; marker size; marker color; axis label; chart title; trend lines.
    • Improve xlsx export: default col widths; schema validity.
    • Improve modifier handling. [Bug 743130].
  • Thomas Kluyver
    • Fix import of extended floats from wk4 files. [Bug 739679].

goffice 0.10.19 aka "TBD" is now available.

The Gnumeric Team is pleased to announce the availability of goffice version 0.10.19.

Noteworthy news in this release:

  • Graph fixes

Details of changes by contributor:

  • Jean
    • Allow rotation of axis line labels. [Bug 740198].
    • Move the title with its axis parent. [Bug 684777].
    • Implement canvas native scrolling. [Bug 741394].
    • Don't use a data vector with no valid value. [Bug 741910].
    • Allow custom ticks and grid lines for axis lines. [Bug 600482].
    • Don't loose any data in an histogram when using automatic bins. [Bug 742996].
  • Morten
    • Dead kitten salvage.
    • Fix canvas issues when removing items.
    • Switch from GtkColorSelDialog to GtkColorChooser. [Bug 695634].