Gnumeric 1.12.9 aka "Turkey Time" is now available.

The Gnumeric Team is pleased to announce the availability of Gnumeric version 1.12.9. This release requires the concurrently released goffice 0.10.9.

Noteworthy news in this release:

  • Accuracy improvements. We have acquired more test cases and have been fixing all issues -- mostly minor -- that they highlight.
  • Fixes for more fuzzed-file problems with thanks to Juha Kylmänen from Oulu University Secure Programming Group.


  • Morten
    • Implement double click for graph sheets. [Bug 712216]
    • Minor improvement to history dialog.
    • Fix drop-down sizing (gtk+ regression). [Bug 710749].
    • Improve accuracy of R.QCAUCHY.
    • Acquire more special function test cases.
    • Improve accuracy of R.QGAMMA and thus R.QCHISQ.
    • Improve accuracy of R.QBETA, R.QF, R.QTUKEY, R.QSNORM, and R.QST.
    • Improve accuracy of COMBIN, PERMUT, POCHHAMMER, FACT, GAMMA.
    • Improve accuracy of bessel functions with large non-integer alpha.
    • Improve accuracy of ACOTH.
    • Fix fuzzed file problems. [Bug 708091] [Bug 712662] [Bug 712685] [Bug 712700] [Bug 712708] [Bug 712772] [Bug 712788] [Bug 712731] [Bug 715003].
    • Restore sheet reordering by drag.
    • Fix BETA on win32.
    • Fix win32 registry initialization.
    • Fix win32 gdk-pixbuf install heisen-crash.
    • Incorporate new tests from crlibm.
    • New functions SINPI and COSPI.
    • Improve accuracy of SIN/COS/TAN on win32.
    • Work around GTK+ ABI break. [Redhat Bug 1033827].
  • Xabier RodrĂ­guez Calvar

goffice 0.10.9 aka "TBD" is now available.

The Gnumeric Team is pleased to announce the availability of goffice version 0.10.9.

  • Morten
    • Improvements to quad precision code.
    • Fuzzed file issues. [Bug 712663].