The New Stable Gnumeric 1.12 Series is Now Available.

The Gnumeric Team is proud to announce the 1.12.x series. This is the product of almost two years of development.

What's New?

  • Gnumeric is now based on Gtk+ 3.x.
  • Dual license: Gnumeric is now dual licensed GPLv2/GPLv3.
  • Better ODS import and export.
  • Graph improvements: data labels; scattered min-max plot type; rich text in labels.
  • Gnumeric is now even more accurate. For example, we have eliminated rounding of intermediate results so functions like SUM are now even more accurate. For example, computing SUM(1,1E-20,-1) now produces 1E-20.
  • Gnumeric is slightly faster and uses slightly less memory for large workbooks.
  • Start-up time has been improved by embedding, for example, the user interface files into the executable.
  • The test suite has been improved, causing us to identify and fix a number of minor bugs related to XLS, XLSX, and ODS filters.
  • It is now possible to format numbers as SI units causing the proper prefix to be used.


Gnumeric 1.12.x requires the new Goffice 0.10.x library series, a fairly recent libgsf, and a GTK+3 stack. See here for details.