Gnumeric 1.2.1 aka "Sleep is for woosie teenagers" is now available.

This is mainly a spit and polish release. There are a few patches for problems in the charting engine, but the majority of the changes are small feature enhancements to finish loose ends, and prepare for branching. There were two notable changes though. One is a a new utility program 'ssconvert' that allows command line conversion of spreadsheets between all of the formats that Gnumeric supports. The second change is a warning to all 3rd party plugin developers that we've shattered binary compatibility by implementing the first part of the great renaming. During the 1.3.x development cycle we intend to produce a stand alone libgnumeric which requires that we get our name-spacing act together. It seems better to do that before we branch. Its also something I can do while suffering from sleep deprivation.