Gnumeric 1.3.0 aka "a porting we will go" is now available.

This release is an combination of new features, porting to gtk-2.4 and bug fixing. Emmanuel, Jean and the new addition Michael Devine have added single point formatting, bubble plots, error bars, and radar plots to the charting engine. They're not quite feature complete, but it's moving in the right direction. I did a fair amount of cleanup porting to GtkAction in gtk-2.4. That made it possible to start work on rich text editing for cells. It doesn't persist yet, but the editing should work smoothly. Morten did a nice job of jumping us over to the new file selector. It looks alot nicer than the old one. He also threw in a bone for Eugenia and made the autoscroll speed a continuous function. Throw in the usual pile of patches and this release looks very usable for something so early in the development cycle.

The win32 port is almost complete. The gconf depend is getting compartmentalized and should be ready to drop out for the next release.
NOTE : This is a DEVELOPMENT RELEASE it is not supposed to be stable. May cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain or severe eye strain.