Gnumeric 1.3.91 aka "I Object" is now available.

I would have liked to characterise this as just stabilisation release, but there is more in here than bug fixes. Yaacov Zamir and Morten cleared out lots of old code and synced the cell printing to use the same pango generation we used for display. While that was going on Emmanuel added some nice eye candy to the plots, grid lines. I was surprised by how much they add to the charts. The docs are also shaping up nicely. Adrian could probably use some editorial/proofreading help folks. In the background JonKare has been tidying lots of lose ends, even fixing the CORBA plugin a bit, that code hasn't seen the light of day since the dawn of time.

We are not quite ready to re-introduce the bug beverages, but it is close. Please test this release. 1.4 is due later this month with the rest of gnome-office. Report the bugs now please. If you are going gold before 1.4 comes out this release could be shippable. There are now sufficiently many improvements and fixes in 1.3.x that are not in 1.2 that we have passed the tipping point.