Gnumeric 1.9.10 aka "TBD" is now available.

The Gnumeric Team is pleased to announce the availability of Gnumeric version 1.9.10. This release requires the concurrently released goffice 0.7.9.

The most notable changes are:

  • New canvas in goffice. Not yet fully used in Gnumetic, though.
  • Implement a few OpenFormula functions we were missing for completeness.
  • Rework how we load configuration.
  • Convert all function documentation to new-ish format.
  • Improve format export to ODF.

Attention packagers: goffice no longer depends on libgnome, libgnomeui, and gnome-vfs. (To get the full benefit of this, make sure libgsf is not compiled to require gnome-vfs and bonobo.)

Attention packagers: please do not ship goffice with equation enabled.

  • Andreas
    • Improve ODF export.
    • Add OpenFormula comp. descriptors to some function documentations.
    • Implement new functions CSC, CSCH, SEC, and SECH.
    • Implement new functions LEFTB, MIDB, RIGHTB.
    • Implement ASC and add new function JIS.
    • Fix printing crash. [Bug 586672].
    • Fix import of currency symbols from ODF.
    • Improve import of elapsed time from ODF.
    • Import some conditional cell formats from ODF.
    • Fix "not-between" conditional styles. [Bug 586818].
    • Show existence of conditional styles in format dialog.
    • Add an initialy hidden long format toolbar.
    • Fix std error for intercept in non-affine case of LINEST. [Bug 550933].
    • Fix loading of charts from MS generated ODF files. [Bug 588107].
    • Add some sheet object support to ODF export.
    • Export basic charts to ODF.
    • Fix format labels in configurable text importer. [Bug 590257].
    • Add warning for missing plugins needed by tools. [Bug 590175].
    • Fix percentage histogram . [Bug 590375].
    • Fix non-label 2-factor ANOVA with replication.
    • Fix various minor bugs.
    • Convert old help texts to new format.
  • Jody
  • Morten
    • Make SUMIF/COUNTIF and the D* functions understand pattern. [Bug 586215].
    • Make dialogs remember their sizes and positions.
    • Fix crash with new-from-template.
    • Rework loading of configuration. [Bug 585701].
    • Support evaluated examples in function docs.
    • Simplify Win32 build.
    • Convert old help texts to new format.
    • Fix problem with print area.
    • Fix problems with in-sheet combos. [Bug 587992].
    • Fix translation textdomain confusion. [Bug 588110].
    • Avoid using gtk_tree_view_column_get_cell_renderers. [Bug 589105].
    • Fix DEC2HEX and friends for large values. [Bug 588997].
    • Make undo/redo visible for vertical toolbar.
    • Add some checking of help texts' sanity.

Goffice 0.7.9 aka "TBD" is now available.

  • Andreas
    • Improve number style output to ODF. [Bug 586564].
    • Improve currency output to ODF.
    • Fix hang when writing date with invalid format. [Bug 587171].
  • Jean
  • Morten